Yarra Valley Bengals



Paparazzi Tilly Rose

Canadian Import 

Sire~ Bengalvision Extreme Ferrari 

Contessa Bengals Rising Star Sadie

Tilly Rose arrived in Australia 8/16. She has stunning rosettes which are highlighted by a light base coat. Her short, tight pelt shimmers with loads of ‘glitter’. She’s got a lovely profile and a sleek body.





Valleycats Airlie Road 

Sire~ Orelia Georgie Boy 

Dam~ Mekeeta Juliet 

Airlie has a soft, sleek pelt with small, rounded rosettes and shimmers with loads of glitter. She has a lovely head and profile and solid build with a short, think tail.



ValleyCats Ashleah

Sire~ Chantay Mystic Warrior 

Dam~ Mekeeta Juliet 

Ashleah has a tight, sleek pelt with a lovely head with a strong chin and slender body. She has a darker base coat with nicely rounded rosettes with is nicely glittered.





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